I would like to thank all those that voted for change and all those that worked hard on our campaign for change.  But especially, I would like to thank all those with the courage to put their reputation on the line, go against a status quo limited by labels, and outwardly support a relative unknown in Valley politics, all in an effort to move the Valley forward and away from a regressive political environment.

It was early in December of 2020, following much encouragement from those around me who also love the City of Spokane Valley, I decided my path should be to step away from the Planning Commission and run for City Council. 

While Mayor Ben Wick was doing a great job, it was obvious two council members didn’t have my hometown’s best interest at heart.  Two council member’s prime goal was to divide while excusing years of their own lack of action, lack of foresight, lack of understanding of the power of diversity and cohesive vision.  One of these two council members was up for re-election.

With the help and courage of a few key people, and with numerous others giving support early and often, we gave it a go.  In the first media interview after announcing my candidacy, I mentioned it would be difficult to beat the machine the incumbent was a part of.  

In the end, it was that political machine that made the difference, with just 35 more of our neighbors voting for the incumbent out of the well over 21,000 people that voted.  Who says every vote isn’t important?

Following the recount, I found myself calling to congratulate the victor, closing this chapter, the knowledge gained from our efforts a platform for the future.

Building that future must start today.  Let’s make the future of the City of Spokane Valley a brighter one…